Eisberg Square Glass Bowl (available in 2 sizes)

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The Eisberg plate is the product of a unique craft process that begins with molten glass beads and spins them together to create a beautifully textured surface. The subtle dimensionality of this piece makes it a simple but elegant way to showcase the complex elements in a dish. The softness of the shape and translucent coloring provide a sharp contrast to precisely cut ingredients. The bright color of freshly sliced sashimi will shine against the gentle, cloudy backdrop of the Eisberg plate. As this item is handcrafted, please allow note that each plate will feature a unique pattern.

The newest addition to our Eisberg collection, the distinctly contemporary look of this square glass bowl is sure to elevate your presentation. The unique crafting process spins together molten glass beads to create an unmistakable textured element. The translucent glass provides the perfect backdrop for brightly colored ingredients. Fill with crushed ice for a modern twist on sashimi presentation, the evocative design of this bowl will beautifully complement the lustrous sheen of fresh fish.

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