Fuji Lava Stone Plate

$128.50 $108.50
SKU: KON-909
Size: 6.5"L x 6.25"W x 0.5'H

Experience a new type of grilling using the Fuji Lava Stone Plates. This product is made out of rare lava stone mined from Japan's famous Fuji mountain. However, that is not what makes this product so incredibly unique. When heated, the lava stone emits infrared rays and grill ingredients to have a beautiful charred exterior. By quickly charring the ingredients, it preserves the flavors making them plumper and juicier as well. The porous material also absorbs any excess oil. Not only do these plates cook ingredients to be tastier and healthier, they are incredibly easy to heat, clean, and transport.

This stone is  not dishwasher safe. 

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