King Stone #6000 Grit Finishing Stone

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SKU: HA-1091
Size: 6.9" x 2.0" x 0.6"H

King Stone #6000 Grit Finishing Stone is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

King stones are made in Matsunaga, Osaka in Japan. They are one of the oldest and most well known companies in the United States.
Benefits of a #6,000 Grit Stone

The #6000 grit stone is the basic finishing stone for most knives. The #6000 grit stone will produce a finer edge, and is recommended as a finishing stone for harder steels.

 • Wet all King fine stones before use.

 • Please do not soak finishing stones (#3000 and above). Soaking a finishing stone will result in the stone cracking and breaking.

Returning a stone into a box while still wet or damp will result in molding and decreasing quality.

• For double sided stone, please only soak the medium stone side (#1000). Failure to do so will result in the stone splitting and or breaking.
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