Utage Ceramic Binchotan Charcoal 20 pieces per carton

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SKU: TK-636-27-20
Size: Approx 6"L x 1"Dia - 20 pieces per carton

Size of binchotan is Approx 6"L x 1"Dia 


- By directly heating the specialized ceramic material, the infrared rays cook ingredients like real binchotan charcoal.

- Ceramic-tan is easy to maintain. After use, simply let it cool, then wash any oil or sauce with water.

- Can be reused several times.

- Conserve normal charcoal by mixing in the ceramic-tan to grill.

- Ceramic-tan does not generate heat on its own. Please use a gas grill or use normal heated charcoal to heat the product.

-Made in Japan

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